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Mobile Headlights Polishing

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Welcome to JAYIDA, Mobile Car Detailing 

Jayida car detailing, provides full-service mobile headlights polishing and restoration to its clients by offering a deep clean to yellowed, weathered, dull and hazed headlights with the use of a specially designed polish and sealant.

Headlights become weathered or dull?

Headlights are considered to be extremely important for anyone who is driving, especially during the night. It is the first precaution towards the safety of the people who are inside the car. But, with gradual wear and tear along with the exposure to various climatic conditions, the headlights become dull and affect their functionality. If they become clouded, scratched, oxidized or yellow, they tend to reduce the visibility and can further cause discomfort while driving. Thus, it becomes essential to clean and polish the headlights. Replacing the headlights is much expensive. Jayida cares about you and offers the best quality headlight polishing services at an affordable price which gives your vehicle a new look again.

Benefits of Choosing Jayida International:

As mentioned, having your headlights polished is not only important for overall aesthetic appeal, but for safety reasons. So, what will a Jayida headlight polishing services do for your vehicle?

There are many benefits attached to carrying out the Polishing process of headlights. Some of these are

·      Clean and bright lights

·      Restore scratches

·      Optimum functionality and performance

·      Improve the appearance of the car

·      Optimum visibility and safety

·      Saves money - No need to replace an expensive headlight

So, as soon as you feel that your car's headlights have developed discoloration, cloudy texture, yellowing lenses or you experience decreased visibility on the road, scratches on lenses or oxidized headlight glass, it's time to call Jayida headlight polisher.

Don't have time or don't feel like going to a car polisher?

If you are in search of one such professional who can assist you with proper cleaning and polishing of your car's headlight, look no further. You are at the right place; Jayida is a team of experts who provide you with quality and long-lasting headlight cleaning and polishing services for your car.

With us, you can have peace of mind as we apply - only the highest-quality of UV protective clear the coat that further prevents the headlights from discoloring and deteriorating. This, in turn, also contributes to enhancing the safety and the appearance of your car. So, if you notice any problem with your car headlights, considering our professional assistance will solve your issue at once as our effective car headlight polisher will help to restore it like before.

Our mobile headlight polishing and restoration service can treat all of these problems. What’s more, you will no longer lose your car at the garage for 1 day or 2 days. We come to you so that you don’t have to take your car off the road for an extended period of time to have these issues dealt with. Jayida offers convenient on-site car headlight polishing at your home, office or workplace, and provide a fast(we usually fix within an hour), cost-effective and highly professional service.

Get in touch with us for mobile headlight polishing services.

JAYIDA international. Tarievenlijst:

KOPLAMP BEHANDELING BASIC + GEAVANCEERD POLYMEER COATING 1 JAAR bescherming. € 60 per set. (exclusief achterlichten) 

KOPLAMP BEHANDELING EXTRA: keramische coating 3 jaar bescherming - € 95 per set. (exclusief achterlichten) 

Achterlichten polijsten en coaten  € 10 per set.

Geen voorrijkosten tot 40 kilometer.

HEADLIGHT TREATMENT BASIC + ADVANCED POLYMER COATING 1 YEAR protection. € 60 per set. (excluding rear lights)

HEADLIGHT TREATMENT EXTRA: ceramic coating 3 years of protection - € 95 per set. (excluding rear lights)

Polishing and coating rear lights € 10 per set.

No call-out charges up to 40 kilometers.

Contact details: 
Tel: +31615222427 The Netherlands, Soest. Email: Go@jayida.com
KvK: 66113113 (Chamber of Commerce)
BTW nummer: NL002182330B51 (VATnumber)

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