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The World Health Organization warns of many deaths in Africa from Covid-19. They estimate that between 83,000-190,000 will die in Africa and between 29 million and 44 million people will become infected if Corona virus is not controlled. 

Help Somaliland. Help save lives.
Donate and help us to buy and ship 50 ICU beds and 50 ventilators to hospitals in Somaliland and also donate for protective equipment such as mouth masks, nitrile gloves and goggles for medical personnel and help bring thousands of testing kits to Somaliland because with testing we can save lives in time and with testing we can minimize the spread of the coronavirus.
With your help, we can also distribute soap and ensure that there is enough water available for everyone because washing hands is vital. 
Help and donate now.  

People and hospitals will appreciate your help.
You will save lives with this. 
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If you are interested in the export and trade in Africa then we are the right partner for you. And because our focus is on Africa, we know how to deal with logistical challenges at international and local level. We export from Europe to Africa and we can also be your supplier of raw materials that we ship from Africa to Europe or help you ship heavy machinery and equipment.   "Africa not only needs things from Europe, but Europe also needs things from Africa".

We also carry out research (R&D) and specialize in Somaliland exports and trade. We have an office with a store in Hargeisa (Somaliland) called Jayida Holland european store. Check out our photos and videos on our website. We work closely with our partners and we are present in Hargeisa at our research projects and to meet our clients/trading partners so that we can monitor and run things in good and fair order.

We want to make it easy for everyone and accessible to export and to ship goods to African countries without difficulties and very high costs.

Our goal is to contribute to the development of a country where we are active. At the moment we are engaged in research and development in Hargeisa one example is we investigate how we can build water filters with UV light in homes and water pressure system for a good running water. We train local people to install the filters and so we create employment and clean bacteria,virus free drinking water. These are one of the many innovations we are working on to realize. If you would like to know more about ©Jayida innovation, send us an Email to Holland@Jayida.com. Also check out the pictures and videos.

Our office and store can be found near 150 st (Boqol iyo qonton street) and in The Netherlands. 





Contact details: 
©Jayida Holland european store. Somaliland 
Ku ibso Merchant no: 426475
Somaliland chamber of commerce no: 4785
Tel Hargeisa : +252633390138. Email: Holland@jayida.com
Tel: +31615222427 The Netherlands, Soest.
CEO: Mohamed Bellechhab 
KvK: 66113113 (Chamber of Commerce)
BTW nummer: NL002182330B51 (VATnumber)

  ©Jayida international



Yes you are seeing it right you can go-kart in Hargeisa.

If you want to know what is possible in Hargeisa. please contact us.